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Anni and Jack- Asheville

Hi Parents,

We are so excited to meet you! Our highly-qualified sitters are all First Aid/CPR certified and lots of fun.  Your sitter will contact you a week prior to your arrival to discuss things like bed time routine, dinner arrangements and the general care instructions.

It is highly recommended that you book your sitter to arrive 30 minutes before you need to leave in order to have some interaction with the family which helps make the transition easier.

Booking Fee is a one time fee for the weekend.

To book a sitter for your hotel room,  please contact us here https://eleganteventsitters.com/contact/

To get more info on pricing please go to https://eleganteventsitters.com/state-pricing/north-carolina/

  • If there is a change of venue, transportation must be provided by the child's parents.
  • Parents are invited to visit the children as often as they wish.
  • Safety is our top priority. You must accompany your child to the room for drop off. You will receive the check-in instructions upon arrival. No other persons are allowed to remove the child from the room for any reason without direct parental permission made in advance. Older siblings are not allowed to pick up children.
  • Children are always taken to the restroom by an adult. We wait for the restroom to be clear and then send the children in while keeping other adults out until the children are finished.